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Keep an eye out for wildlife when you visit.  There’s lots to spot - grey heron and kingfishers on the burn, hares, foxes and deer outwitting you in the fields and owls, buzzards, lapwings, curlews or game birds often swooping about.  We have recorded the following birdlife on the farm:

Blackbird Blackcap Blue Tit Bullfinch Carrion Crow Chaffinch Chiff Caff Collard Dove Dipper Goldfinch Great Tit Greater Spotted Woodpecker Green Woodpecker Greenfinch Grey Wagtail Hedge Sparrow Heron House Sparrow Jackdaw Jay Kestrel Kingfisher Lapwing Lesser Spotted Woodpecker Little Owl Longtailed Tit Magpie
Mallard Mistle Thrush Moorhen Nuthatch Partridge Pheasant Pied Wagtail Robin Siskin Song Thrush Sparrowhawk Spotted Flycatcher Starling Swallow Tawny Owl Tree Creeper Whitethroat Willow Warbler Wood Pigeon Wren Yellow Hammer