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Bradley Burn Farm - Holiday Homes for Sale, FAQ

Holiday Homes for Sale at Bradley Burn

We like to keep life simple, and hope the following answers to Frequently Asked Questions help. Feel free to give us a ring if you have any more questions. We are pleased to see lots of new faces this season, many of whom are new to caravanning. If in doubt, please ask!

How long is the season?

The season is 11 months. We are closed throughout February.

Do I get a written agreement?

We issue every caravan buyer with a pitch licence agreement. This is based on industry agreed standards terms and conditions. The licence gives you the security of knowing your caravan can stay on the plot for a set period of time, provided you abide by the terms of the agreement. For more information, have a look at

What are the rules?

Click here to download a copy of Bradley Burn Caravan Park rules.

What does the “Licence to” date means?

At the end of the licence agreement, you can either move your caravan to another site, or upgrade to a newer caravan at Bradley Burn.

Can I live in my caravan?

Bradley Burn is a holiday caravan park, not a residential park. This means that you need to have a residential home address, and not legally reside at Bradley Burn. As long as you live at your residential address, there is no restriction on how much you use your caravan while the site is open.  You can not use your holiday caravan address to register with a doctor, bank, school or any other authority.  We can not accept post or parcels for holiday caravans.

Do I have to pay Council Tax for the caravan?

No. As your caravan is not a residential property Council Tax is not due.

Do I need a TV Licence?

Yes, but if you have a TV Licence at home, and no device is being used at both home and caravan at the same time and you complete the online declaration form, you can rely on your home TV Licence to cover your caravan. Check out for more details.

How much are the pitch fees?

Pitch fees for the 2023 season are £2,700. Fees are due in advance on 28th February every year. This includes rent, rates, water, sewage, weekly rubbish disposal, grounds maintenance - basically everything except gas, electricity and insurance. We may offer you a monthly payment plan for fees, subject to status.

Where do I get gas from?

Most caravans use liquefied propane gas (LPG) which we supply in bottles. You are not obliged to buy them from us, but must abide by the stringent safety regulations in transporting and using gas. 47kg propane costs £90 as at March 2023.

How much is electricity?

Each caravan is metered, and we charge out electricity at 19p as at March 2023. We normally issue bills 3 times a year.

What about insurance?

You must insure your caravan. We have an agreement with Leisuredays, a company who many caravanners find offer a competitive rate. See their website for a quote. If you insure elsewhere, we need a copy of your certificate, and charge a small admin fee for verification of this.

Do you allow dogs?

We welcome dogs at Bradley Burn and have lots of space around the caravan park to exercise them. They must be kept on a lead when on the park, and under control at all other times. You must clear up after your dogs at all times, and ensure they are kept wormed and healthy.

What happens in the winter?

Water pipes in caravans are prone to frost damage, so you must drain your van down to avoid this. Your caravan manufacturer’s handbook should give details of what you need to do. Take care to remove water from the boiler, non return valves in the shower and other pipework. We offer a draining down service to make sure all water is removed from pipes to avoid bursts. Please ask a the office for details. Your insurer may insist that you have the van drained down when unoccupied in the winter months. More modern caravans are better insulated and have central heating which can be set on frost stat. However, we can not guarantee an uninterrupted electricity supply in the closed season, so you should not rely on heating to prevent damage.

We do have a snow plough and endeavour to keep the road clear, but suggest that visitors who need to leave early in the morning keep their cars close to the main road when snow is forecast. The main A689 at the caravan park entrance has never been blocked in recent memory.

What maintenance will my caravan need?

This will be detailed in your caravan manufacturer’s handbook. Important tasks include:

  • Outside - keep guttering clear, check tyre, jacks and chains, panels
  • Check ventilation holes are clear
  • Gas Safe check and check on condition of gas hose and regulator
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors - test they work

We ask all owners at Bradley Burn to make sure their caravan and plot is kept clean and tidy.

Who cuts the grass?

We will cut the grass between caravans and in communal areas. Some caravanners prefer to cut their own grass, which is fine, as long as it is kept tidy. You have a responsibility to keep you pitch tidy, including keeping long grass around your caravan tidy to prevent a fire risk.

What about trees and bushes?

You must not cut or damage any bushes or trees on the caravan park.

How big is my plot?

Your licence agreement gives you permission to keep a caravan on the pitch, rather than any tenure over any land. However, as a rule of thumb, caravanners can enjoy the use of the side of the caravan with the door on (left hand side looking from the back) up to side the next caravan. The owner of the next caravan will need access to maintain the side nearest you.

Can I put up decking?

You need our written authority to put up decking or any structure on the plot. We will not approve any structure which does not leave 3.5 clear space to the adjacent caravan.

What is Gas Safe?

All work to gas systems need to be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. It is important the engineer has a separate qualification to work with bottled propane gas. We can supply contact details of local Gas Safe engineers. See for more details.

What do those abbreviations mean?

DG - Double Glazing
WI - Winter insulation
CH - central heating

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